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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

22 June 2007
While we are waiting for Google to launch its own Google OS (if the rumours are true, of course), there are many, many web operating systems (called WebOS, Webtop or online desktop etc) having been launched. Although most of them are just in their alpha or beta phases, they have revealed many interesting features and/or more or less usefulness. For some time, theWebTop has provided a free online desktop service, which currently supports remote Microsoft Windows 2003 desktop & Linux Gnome desktop. The Linux desktop has not been carefully reviewed yet. At least in the Windows desktop, one can freely run many applications (including the executable files you uploaded), besides those that have been preinstalled in the system, though installation of programs that requires an administration account is banned. Now you can upload FileZilla Portable (a free, full-featured FTP client) to the server & use it to perform resumable file transfer to/from your local computer with a free FTP server (say, War FTP Daemon on Windows) installed. That will be an ideal file transfer method for the online file storage services. BTW, the restriction of use only on Firefox web browser had been removed.
In the following weeks, we will add & review more online desktop services.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

2 June 2007
Steekr - Free 1GB online file storage: no file size limit; free online backup also; Java uploading; client software acting as a Windows Explorer shell extension (supporting drag-n-drop); stream your media files; public sharing.
Other Free Offers - Two free offers Firefox & ClickThru added.