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Saturday, July 08, 2006

All the Updates before August 9, 2006

5 August 2006
The Best Free Online Backup - Three free online backup services added.
The Best Free E-mail - Two free e-mail services added. Strongly recommended!

31 July 2006
The Navigation bar reorganized with three new sections Free Web Statistics, Free Banner Exchange and Free Toolbar added. Have a look around!

29 July 2006
The Best Free Online File Storage - Four free online file storage services added. Strongly recommended!

25 July 2006
The Best Free E-mail - Two free e-mail services added.
Gallina - A GMail based blog: see the target page for details.

20 July 2006
Xdrive - 5GB online storage and backup: Java uploading at top speed, supporting pause and resume; grab files directly off a web site; upload e-mail attachments from multiple accounts; award-winning client software that allows you to upload & access your files through Windows Explorer; public sharing; scheduled backup; free 30 day trial only.

12 July 2006
FileFront - Free unlimited online file storage: 1GB single file size limit with 10 hours uploading timeout; HTML uploading only; public sharing.
Gmail Drive for Mac OS X - See the linked page for details.

8 July 2006
Mail2World - Free 100MB online file storage: no file size limit; ActiveX or HTML uploading; public sharing; free email with unlimited storage; many other free tools.
WebSpawner - Free web space: the fast way to create webpages; very easy to use; great for beginners; make your own webpage for any purpose in just minutes.

6 July 2006
Our Link Exchange program launched. Free to sign up.

30 June 2006
Bravenet - Free 50MB web space: 1.5GB per month bandwidth; easy builders; web-based FTP; free templates; free subdomain; affiliate program; many, many free tools for webmasters.
GmailSync - Free Gmail application for windows platform: an automated backup tool to synchronize files on your computer to your gmail online storage; .NET Framework 2.0 required.

24 June 2006
Yahoo! Briefcase - Free 30MB online file storage: an old, reliable free online storage service; 5MB file size limit; HTML uploading only; public sharing.
Mail2World - Free unlimited e-mail: 50MB attachment; choose from 2,000 domain names; 500 interface skins & themes; email-2-SMS alerts; banner ads; web based only; centralize & organize your busy schedule; import & manage your favorite web sites online.

16 June 2006
Walla! - Free 3GB e-mail.
Google Pages - Free 100MB web space.

9 June 2006
Construction of this site, which lists and reviews the best free offers on the net. Hope that it will be useful. Welcome!